Friday, March 13, 2009

all work

The past 6 days have been a blur- little sleep, and lots of fun!!

Jeff came to visit and we took advantage of every minute! First, we pranced around Austin for a couple days, spending time with my cousins and walking around all the quirky streets.

Being the planner that I am, I had compiled a bunch of activities to do in Waco.. most of which didn't work out. I love having opportunities to grow.. especially when it comes to my plans being broken. I used to be controlled by disappointment and God has really shown me ways to take joy in the unknown and embrace the moment.

The time in Waco was purely awesome. Full of tennis, bike rides, Phase 10, Rummikub, a puzzle, cooking, baking, exploring, dog walking, and eating.

After months of talking on the phone, the "face time" was much-needed and special. It was neat to experience life with Jeff as we shared laughter while learning more about each other.

I'm amazed at how God gives second chances and chooses to unexpectedly shower blessings!

Now it's back to reality... a paper to be written. a book to be read.

ohh but what fun it was!

more pictures of all the adventures:

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