Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunday afternoon drive

Once a week, our team tries to spend a few hours of "team time." Setting aside ministry, students, and speaking Thai, these precious hours are for team fun and fellowship. Normally, these evenings have been used to lavish in our "Americanness" by ordering pizza and watching a movie. This particular Sunday, however, offered us the promise of a beautiful day to take a drive to a waterfall. Armed with only a sketchy map, we set off around 3pm to conquer the falls. An hour later, we found ourselves climbing a one-lane dirt trail looping around the side of a mountain. As steep as it was bumpy, the mountain eventually led us not to the falls we expected, but instead to Doi Bo View Point Yafu: Sea of Clouds. Venturing out of the car, we were left breathless, met with a 360 degree view of all of Chiang Rai province. How large our small country city is! Mountains stretched for miles, and distant rice patties glistened in the afternoon sun. After a photo shoot and talks of plans for future camping, our little teal truckwagon trudged back down the mountainside in search of safe roads before sundown.

Thai Sundays have not been favorite days of mine this year. An hour-long team meeting is followed by a 4-hour long church service in Thai. After a very Thai lunch shared with the congregation, we head home around 2pm to keep up with all of life's little demands that is required of a household.

Last Sunday, the Sabbath was reclaimed on a mountaintop. God restored my vision by spreading the "bigger picture" before me. And it was glorious!

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Leng said...

It's my first time to visit your blog...Let me say that u sound like a pro in blogging here. :) Good job girl!!!! Proud of yah. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And, u need to bring me to that Sea of Clouds. :) Love yah!