Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Bags

This week Mae Fah Luang students have finals. Since most of our students have their noses deep in the books, we were trying to find ways to continue to reach out to them without being annoying falang (foreigners) tearing them away from their studies.
With suggestions from other teams, we decided upon "happy bags." We filled small plastic baggies with instant coffee packets, candy, a cute pencil, a gospel message and a little card with an encouraging message and our email.
So, today will be spent wandering around campus handing out bags of happiness to book worms. Hopefully these will be a blessing to students as they prepare for finals, and maybe a bag will reach someone who has been searching for a deeper purpose for their life.
Please pray that today will be profitable and that our eyes will be open to those students who desire more than just a little bag of happiness.

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