Sunday, March 2, 2008

season for everything

So, I have been listening to a series of sermons on Ecclesiastes by Matt Chandler. Although I have heard and memorized popular passages, I have never actually studied this book in depth until now.
While nestled into a corner of a Starbucks in Chiang Mai, I began to contemplate the fact that God did create everything for a reason. He does allow things to happen. He has us all experience certain times in our lives where we don't understand the greater purpose. He has set eternity in our hearts, and yet sometimes we are unable to grab hold of a filler for that deep void (Eccl. 3:11).
Matt said something that really struck me, that I hope I will remember for a long time: "Find the things that stir your affections for Christ, and saturate your life with them."
It is easy for me to be that girl sitting in a coffee shop discussing my observations of life. It is easy for me to float from one place to another relinquishing my right to participate in the realities of love, fellowship and death.
But, what it really comes down to, is that God has me here for a season. This season He has created, ordained, and allowed to be a season of toiling, loneliness, doubt, occasional boredom.. so that I could experience a harvest, fellowship, certainty, and fulfillment.
I strongly believe that I will never know the full reason I was brought here for this season, this year. I know that Jesus wanted to get me alone, away from my family, friends, and my comfortable lifestyle, to speak to my heart. He wanted to get me to a place where I would be able to respond at the slightest whisper, instead of Him having to yell to get my attention.
July 2008 will mark the beginning of another season in my life. I'll be returning back to the US to finish up a degree at Baylor. I'll go home to the noise and the distractions that represent a lifetime of struggle for me. Listening to Jesus will transform into a different type of challenge than it is here.
My job then is to accept each season as it comes- embrace it, eat, drink, and take pleasure in my labor because it is God's gift, His purpose for me right now (Eccl. 3:13). He has called us to rejoice when He has given us plenty to eat, drink and harvest. Likewise, He has called us to rejoice when He has given us little to eat, drink and harvest.
There is a season for everything.
No matter what season I am in, I will keep my eyes on my Savior because I am lost without Him.

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