Thursday, July 17, 2008

oh, time

Since I've been home, my largest adversary has been time.
Some days, there is hardly enough minutes to take care of needs, eat, and spend time with the people around me.
However, most days, I have too much time. Time to do anything. But, that's where I get stumped. Lately, I've been passing the ominous time by having extra-long morning devotions, going to the gym, cleaning up after people around the house, researching cars on Craigslist and bothering whichever sibling happens to be home at the moment.
When I have too much time, I tend to be less-productive, and less-eager to make plans. I don't quite understand it.
It is a little challenging to do much outside my home without regular use of a vehicle, and as I get older, there are fewer friends in the area to visit anyways.
This month, I think that God is teaching me how to just be. Just to rest in His presence and be content in all circumstances.
I know it is rare to have too much time these days, and I'm starting to view this month as a precious gift of time to connect with people, and be open to whatever the day unfolds.
It's really quite thrilling to think about the possibilities. Even if I am presently just sitting by myself on the couch with no plans for today!

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