Sunday, July 27, 2008

reflections on the day

It's past 10pm on Sunday night. Nearly everyone who loved and supported me this past year in Thailand came over this evening to celebrate God's goodness and His global movement.
How amazing to see so many faces of people I've known since childhood, families that have been praying for me since I was a baby.
With the help of several humble friends and my family, I think this afternoon/evening was incredible for me to witness. Just being able to look out on a gathering of those who genuinely pursue Jesus and desire to follow Him daily was an overwhelming blessing.
I feel so lucky to even know so many individuals who serve and give, living out their faith. I was asked today: what is one way that now looking back I could see God work?
One unexpected thing the Lord has shown me was the power of giving. He proved the story of the loaves and fish. He multiplies. He exceeds my expectations and my dreams. From the resources He entrusted to a few of His children in the US, He gave to a young girl with a vision, to who He then provided the opportunity to bless nationals around the world who sacrifice so much for the gospel. The power of giving.
I want giving and serving to be a compulsion, a necessity that will far exceed any job I will ever have or anything I decide to do with my future.
Thank you to those who continue to shower me with Christ's love, and to those new friends who are refreshingly encouraging. Even though the party is over, and I am officially moving on to the next phase, I look forward to spending more afternoons deepening relationships with good food and great fellowship as we all continue on this amazing journey!

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Mike and Judy said...

Oh Jess, this makes me miss you! Sounds like your party was incredible in reflecing and reporting God' goodness in your life to your team. So many came- which shows they were really behind you during your year here. Right now it seems like it went by so fast! I miss you! Have you noticed that I'm still obsessed with bloggin???