Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Sometimes I just want to sell everything I own and walk around the world giving hugs..

I know this is not practical, and may not solve anything and I'd probably wind up in jail somehow. (And I would look as ridiculous as Will Farrell in the movie Elf).

At the recommendation of a childhood friend, I am reading Shane Claiborne's Irresistible Revolution.

I can't even sleep because I keep thinking about what God created me to do, how I can change the things that I don't like about the world, and how all of my passions and dreams can become a reality. {Also, learning what exactly my passions are!}

This morning's breakfast downtown with one of my favorite people lasted hours as we threw around ideas about how to improve the quality of life of the poverty-stricken, the hopeless, the discouraged.

A part of me is frustrated with just telling people that they need a Savior when they are physically starving to death and have no roof over their head.

I want to go somewhere. Simply live like Jesus did. Live Simply in deep community and fellowship. Loving God by loving people like crazy.

So now I want to sell everything I own and just move to Mexico or India or just plain DO SOMETHING that will help someone. BUT.. I have to go back to school. Back to Baylor, back to overwhelming materialism, back to homework, back to bills, back to reading books that I do not choose. I'm trying not to feel stuck, to be faithful to flourish where God has me.

The obvious question now is how do I best follow Jesus in Waco Texas at Baylor University?

I know it will be something God-sized.. (which could be very small, but powerful). I know that if I will actually stop and listen to the Spirit, there will be too many opportunities to love and help those who need it.

And I'm excited. And scared. And ready for something more.

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