Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Homes

Happy Homes orphanage has given hundreds of children the chance to live. Victims of HIV and AIDS virus, these children were banished from the villages after their parents died. Seen as evil spirits, they were abandoned in the wilderness until rescued by people who value their lives. By providing a home, clothes, and education, Happy Homes has communicated the gospel to these small precious ones. These toddlers now have a hope for their future, knowing that Jesus loves them and has a unique plan for their lives.

Our team was able to take an afternoon to visit one of their homes in Chiang Saen (about 45 min. NE of Chiang Rai) and simply play with the kids. We were able to provide diapers and other needed supplies, but we also came loaded with a ton of hugs, kisses and attention! Here are a few pictures from a few hours with our new little friends.

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