Friday, May 9, 2008


After MUCH neglecting, I am once again motivated to pursue the joy of blogging :)
The past 2 weeks, I have been in Chiang Mai for IBS, a chance for the Thai CCC staff to receive seminary training. In the mornings, the Thai staff took an Old Testament class, while us Stinters watched a video by Christian Therapist and author Dr. Dan Allender from Mars Hill Graduate school.

During the afternoons, we were able to join the Thais in various seminars including painting and singing instructions, automobile repair, English and computer classes.

Because of limited available housing at the CCC headquarters in Chiang Mai, Tabitha, Amanda and myself were invited to stay with Mike and Judy Christian, long-time staff here in Thailand. It was so fun to escape to a real home everyday and receive some needed R&R! Here is Shana, Tab, myself and Amanda helping out a little bit after dinner one night.

For lunch, we had catered Thai food. Dessert everyday consisted of a new variety of Thai fruit. Nga, a type of fruit bountiful during the rainy season, was served one day. It reminds me of a crazy bouncy ball or child's rubber toy. But it's real. And it's good! Arroy mak (very delicious)! You peel the pink and green skin and chew on the grape-like inside; however, watch out for the pit!

Last weekend, I was able to celebrate my dear friend Leinie's 26th birthday with her in Chiang Mai. It was fun to get out around the big city and eat some great farang (foreigner) food, see a movie, and do some shopping!! Here we are (from left to right): Leins, me, and Tam at Miguels, the only Mexican food place in Chiang Mai.

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Mike and Judy said...

Nice pictures- Jess- infact some of them look very familiar!!! You theif!!! WE had fun- eh???

I'm glad that you're back into blogging-- now keep it up!!!