Thursday, June 5, 2008

back in the saddle

It's the only title I can think of because it has been a while since I had posted anything new. I know I want to say something important and meaningful. Since nothing comes to mind, maybe I will just simply relate recent happenings!
After a week in Bangkok and then another on Elephant Island, home in Chiang Rai has never been sweeter. Here are a few highlights of the trip:

The Children on Koh Chang are precious as ever. These kids have been learning worship songs and really opened up to me this time. It was so fun to practice my limited Thai vocabulary and even teach them some English words like "cloud" and "star" (nearly impossible for them to pronounce poor things!).
One day we hiked to the other side of the island where there were deserted white sandy beaches. The kids were hilarious as they tried to show off in front of the camera while playing in the water.

Our work team was in charge of eliminating a rock hill in the way of the bathrooms. With hoes and pick-axes we did major damage to the intruding hill as we cleared a path to the hong nam (bathroom). Everyone worked so hard, even the little bitty Thai girls!!

I stole this picture from Judy Christian (thanks Judy!) of the girls sleeping area. We basically turned the church into a dormitory decorated with mosquito nets and simple sleeping bags on the tile floor. Man oh man is a mattress an awesome thing to return home to!

All of the 15 students who accompanied us from Chiang Rai had a blast. Difficult even for them to adjust to the rough life style, they did not complain even once about the accomodations or bathrooms. In addition to their fabulous attitudes, they set a high work standard for us Americans to follow as they powered-through everyday with unceasing energy.

In conclusion: great trip. happy to return to my bed.
Here are more pictures of the journey:

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