Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Urban Backpacking

5 minutes before we were supposed to leave for the airport Tuesday morning,Amanda shook me awake out of a deep sleep. With that start to the day, our arrival in Bangkok was met with little enthusiasm. Tab and I had a whole day ahead of us with a small number of necessary things to do. After applying for a visa to Vietnam, we decided to take a cab down the street to roam around one of Bangkok's greatest malls Central World Plaza. One thing we forgot to calculate in this plan was that we both were still carrying 2 weeks worth of luggage! Trying not to waste gas and time, we agreed to haul our things around until heading to the guest house. Toting my large "backpacker's" pack, a huge bag with my tennis shoes, flip flops and purse inside, as well as my laptop in its carrying case, I was a little weighted down! Similarly burdened, Tab and I looked absolutely ridiculous in this posh mall! So silly, in fact, that I had to take a picture :).

We even saw the movie Penelope, and the easy-going Thais let us bring in all of our stuff (even our cameras and laptops!).. good thing we're not pirates.. that's what you call those who illegally copy movies, right?!!

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