Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

I love the smells. I love the cold. I love the annoyingly overplayed music. I love, and think its funny, how everyone who doesn't even know Jesus sings about Him. I love warm clothes. I love giving. I love the food. I love the decorations. I love the lights. I love the fact that people bring trees inside and decorate them (brilliant idea that people should do year round because I love trees!).

I love that families come together and actually spend time with one another. I love trying to make creative and crafty presents even though they never turn out. I love special traditions, even if they are not my own. I love the idea of a jolly man who spends all his time eating cookies and giving things to people. I love ice skating (even in CA). I love walking around the malls even if I don't buy anything.

I love that everyone smiles and says "Merry Christmas" to people they don't know. I love tacky Christmas pajamas. I love the mint M&Ms. I love stocking stuffers. I love the stories behind ornaments. I love seeing friends I haven't seen in years. I love carolling even though I'm not very good at singing. I love the cards with their yearly updates and photos. I love the movies (even the tacky ones).

I just LOVE Christmas. Thank you Jesus for being born, and thank you early Christians for deciding to celebrate the blessed event in winter and to incorporate other crazy pagan traditions!!!

(Photographs courtesy of We Heart It)

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