Saturday, December 27, 2008

be still my soul

Be still and know that I am God.. Pslam 46:10

I'm awful at this. I always want to go.. and do.. and go some more. I'm a planner. An organizer.

Lord, why can't I just rest in your presence?!

I'm in Palm Springs with my family for a few days, and as silly as it sounds, I would almost rather be home! Besides looking forward to numerous tennis matches with my dad and brother, I am dreading all of the down time. I want this little vacation to be a beneficial time of solitude, focused on waiting on the Lord for direction.

Holidays have a funny way of illuminating one's singleness, and it bothers me to be discontent over something like that. There are many places in my heart that I thought I had given up to God to let Him fill- only to realize that I held onto those desires more fiercely and quietly than before.

Will the day of rest and contentment ever come? Why won't I let myself be satisfied in Jesus alone?

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