Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." Alexander Woollcott

As of yesterday at 2pm, class is officially over for the year!
5 finals and then I'm flying back to my family.

This morning, my roommate was encouraged to pursue her walk with Christ from a UPS guy. He even prayed with her before she left the store. How can I love so intentionally like that guy?
Then, I found out that he goes to my church and belongs to the life group that I "didn't have time for" this semester. Man, I really have skewed priorities sometimes.

Tonight I am attending a Christmas performance at my church and I am praying about who to invite. Who do I know that specifically needs to hear from God tonight? I'm nervous about what God will tell me tonight.

Huck and I have been running around the Baylor neighborhood in the evenings to let out some of his exuberant energy and some of my stress. When I'm not yelling at him to keep up or slow down, its been a great time of worship and prayer. Last night I caught myself singing out loud because I believe that no one can hear me if I have ear buds in. Huck probably thinks I'm just a crazy old lady who talks to herself all day!

Now, finishing my third cup of coffee, I'm officially studying for finals...

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