Wednesday, February 18, 2009

help wanted?

May 2009 marks the date of several events- graduation, moving across the nation, and resettling into my parent's home in Escondido, CA.

This transition holds the promise of many exciting new life ventures, but also the practical fear of the unknown.

Basically, I really need a job. I'm graduating with a BA in English with a Religious studies minor. I have training working at restaurants, stores, and offices, with youth and children programs (both public and private organizations), overseas experience, as well as recent experience working with publications and reporting for mass media.

Since I am graduating at a time of economic instability, I am prepared to face the reality that the ideal job will not appear at my doorstep.

Does anyone know of anyone who is hiring in the San Diego area around May 09, or even this summer? I'm looking for a full-time position with health benefits.

I'm pretty much willing to do anything and work really hard.

Please let me know if you hear of anything!! THANK YOU!

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