Sunday, February 22, 2009

"to do" Sunday

My to-do list for today before I reconsidered my priorities:

  • watch All the President's Men and write a review referring to the journalistic elements presented.
  • study 6 short stories in Spanish along with the subjunctive verb tense.
  • read Dickens Bleak House by Wednesday.
  • rest.
  • pray.

Definitely reversing this order right now!

Antioch had an awesome sermon this morning about how to impact the world for Jesus. Jimmy, the pastor, did a great job of empowering us to live fully using our gifts to go out into the community and minister for God's glory. Just think of the movement that could occur if believers embraced their work places and homes as their mission field! It makes so much sense to engage in work with that perspective. I've been thinking of all of the people, parents, and especially the kids that I work with everyday. God has blessed me with the opportunity to instill value in each child I meet, that they might know that they were created by God and deeply loved by Him. I miss so many of those opportunities.. thankfully my Father gives plenty of chances to tell others about Him!

I'm excited to start volunteering as a tutor this week. Until graduation, I'll be going to a low-performing elementary school in the heart of Waco for 4 hours a week to help 2 teachers with reading stations. Ironically, one of the classrooms that needs help is a bilingual 1st grade class and I'll be teaching Spanish. To Mexican children. Yes, I the gringo, who is struggling in my last semester of Baylor's Spanish will be teaching reading and writing.. in Spanish. I love the Lord's sense of humor! Fun stories are destined to develop from this experience!

Have a lovely week!

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