Thursday, February 26, 2009

plain excited

OK so I admit it, I'm completely one of those crazy kids who needs positive reinforcement. I wish it wasn't true, but having things to look forward to seriously motivates me.

The beginning of the semester was a little rough with my 2 best friends gone and graduated and moving far away from Waco. Fortunately, this week one of them is returning to me!!

My dear friend Katie is flying to Texas tomorrow after sitting for the horrendous CPA exam.

I'm so looking forward to drinking coffee with this precious girl and talking about life's little eccentricities. Amidst the uncertainties, it is so good to sit with a friend who simply knows you.

I've named friends like Katie "lifers" because they are the people I want to travel, learn, and grow with for the remainder of our time here on earth. They are the strong, brave and humble who I admire, aspire with, and who God has let me know as a special blessing.

I just cannot wait to hug this girl!!

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