Saturday, May 17, 2008

heading South..

Tuesday marks the beginning of yet another journey to the South of Thailand. After welcoming the American Summer Project team at the Bangkok International Airport, we will spend 3 days acquainting them with Thailand and its customs.

Thrilled to get a chance to serve with students, we will meet a group of 15 students from Chiang Rai and 7 students from Chiang Mai at the bus station on our way to Ranong. The whole group consists of 12 summer project people, 8 stinters, and 22 students, and we are excited and ready to make an impact in Jesus' name!

We will be returning to Ranong, a province greatly hit by the 2004 tsunami, to load onto a boat carrying us to the small Koh Chang (Elephant Island). Here, we will continue the work of building a functioning island village.

The Chiang Rai students are composed of various ages, backgrounds and religious beliefs. As some do not yet believe that Jesus has the power to save them, we are praying that this trip will open their eyes to God's persistent hand in their lives. They all have amazing hearts and the desire to help the Mogan people on Elephant Island, and I hope that they would be blessed beyond measure with this chance to serve.

Please pray specifically for Ying, a young woman with great potential to make an impact in this world, and a dear sweet friend to me. She is going with us not knowing any of the other students, and I think her heart is becoming so open and teachable to spiritual things. Below is a picture of Ying, myself, and Gaow: both students will be attending the service project.

Also please pray that we would be able to reach out and bless the Mogan people on an individual level. Many still do not trust in Jesus, and I think that a group this large could really minister to their hearts.

I believe in a God who can do big things, larger than I could ever imagine. And I know He wants to work mightily in the many lives involved in this trip!

Since we will be working in a remote area, I will be leaving my computer in Chiang Rai to be returned to on May 31st :)

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Mike and Judy said...

Great post Jess-- makes me want to go too. I will be praying for all your little Thai friends that you are bringing on this project. It is very exciting!!!!