Saturday, May 17, 2008

introducing.. Ting Mayuree (aka: p'Ting)

The best part of this year in Thailand has been the friendships acquired. Working with 3 Thai CCC staff has been such a privilege as we have been able to learn about life and ministry in Chiang Rai. Because they are such a huge part of my life, I decided to take the time to introduce them separately over a few entries :)
One of my closest friends here, p'Ting has become not only a co-worker, but a sister and confidant.

Unfortunately for her, she was in charge of being our "cru" (teacher) during our Thai lessons. Putting up with all of our excuses and laziness, she patiently taught us the difficult tones, vocabulary and grammar.
Her English proficiency was such a blessing to all of us and she happily served as translator all year.
We have spent many nights together laughing and hanging out until it was too late to go home. Those sleep overs produced a strong friendship that I know will last long after I leave this country.
Once hearing that I was interested in aerobics and fitness, she introduced me to the Thai wonders of outdoor techno aerobics at the university. So fun! I cherish my afternoons spent with her there, sweating in the humidity and singing 80's songs mixed with a techno beat.

Although she is 30, we joke around and act like college roommates, giggling over boys and planning trips around the world.

When my family came, she along with p'Check helped show them around the local market, explaining each strange food item. Afterwards, they graciously taught them how to cook a full Thai meal, even though p'Ting and p'Check did most of the work themselves!
From helping me get jeans hemmed to bringing me a bowl of boiled rice when I was too sick to eat, p'Ting lives her life to serve others. I am so thankful for her friendship and the sisterhood she has extended to me. I will miss her so much next year!

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Mike and Judy said...

Jess, I am in my room hre at KT and you are here somewhere also- but I haven't seen you yet. Anyway, I just read this post and it is so sweet and touching- I got teary eye'ed as I read it. Aren't the relationships the whole essence of living here? I'm so happy for you to have built those kinds of long-lasting friendships. This is your best blog post ever!!!